We provide patients and their physicians with evidence-based regenerative medicine services.

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine harnesses the body’s innate angiogenic, immunomodulatory and reparative processes.  Its broad clinical potential is recognized by governmental agencies and major academic medical institutions around the world. The FDA has stressed the importance in this field of “good actors” –those clinicians offering treatments which are evidence-based, regulatorily-compliant and accurately described.  

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Our Unique Approach

Unfortunately, some practitioners provide their patients with inexpert, unsubstantiated or even illegitimate “stem cell therapies” or other forms of “regenerative medicine”.  In contrast, RMSNY members are product agnostic; all of their treatment decisions are strictly evidence-based and regulatorily-compliant.  Moreover, RMSNY members are committed to ongoing education and training, and meaningful, accurate communications throughout the patient journey.

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How Can Regenerative Medicine Help Me?

Bone and Joint

Reduce Pain, Restore Function.
Harness your body’s own healing mechanisms to modulate inflammation, reduce pain, and restore function.

Skin and Tissue

Cosmetic, Metabolism, Vascular
The regeneration of your skin and tissue means far more than beauty and anti-aging.


Treat your Animal as You’d Treat Yourself
Provide state-of-art regenerative therapies for your animal companion.

Rehab and Prehab

Support your Body’s Natural Recovery
Reduce recovery times and improve outcomes through cell-assisted pre and post-surgical regimens.

Healthcare Professionals

RMSNY represents a growing body of healthcare professionals who stand for good science, evidence-based clinical protocols and transparent patient experiences in the promising area of regenerative medicine.

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