RMSNY Members combine independent peer-reviewed medical science with clinical excellence to deliver to their patients indication-specific regenerative medicine procedures. Throughout the clinical journey, the goal is superior and predictable long-term outcomes, as well as substantive patient engagement. The slides below summarize a patient's typical RMSNY experience.


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Digital Consultations

Patients can schedule virtual and/or in-person consults with an RMSNY member of their choice. Simply select your ideal member, click on the available link to be re-directed to their personal website, and then follow their instructions to submit a request.


Treatment Selection

Informed by the latest and most robust clinical evidence, RMSNY Members are trained and experienced in a broad range of regenerative and non-regenerative therapeutics options. RMSNY members will review with each patient the nature of a recommended procedure, the independent scientific literature describing the applicability of that procedure for the patient's specific condition, length of the procedure, costs and other pertinent information.


Cell and Tissue Analysis

Patients and their physicians may choose to analyze a sample of their extracted tissues. Doing so provides unique insight into the health and potential potency of  the treatment delivered. Samples are painlessly collected within the same procedure, and analyzed at top laboratories by RMSNY's scientistic leadership. Patients and their clinicians receive their results within a few days, alongside an explanatory report detailing the assessment.


Data and Team Care

Collection, integration and analysis of relevant data by all RMSNY Members involved in the patient's care ensure the best possible outcome.   Patients are able to review these data at any time throughout their clinical journey.  In addition, RMSNY Members regularly collaborate with regenerative medicine thought leaders around the world, thereby making available to their patients best practices in this dynamic field.


Long-Term Outcomes Measurement

The short-term "placebo" effect is well known, and is not a desired outcome for an out of pocket regenerative procedure. RMSNY patients report their outcomes regularly for a year following their treatment, and are able to see their own progress evolve. This information helps inform the treating physician, and helps ensure long-term, substantive and quantifiable recovery for the patient.


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