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Letter from our Scientific and Clinical Leadership

Dear Colleague,

Patients, governments, payers and our peers are increasingly focusing on the broad clinical potential of “regenerative medicine”. However, several obstacles prevent wider adoption of what has been described as one of this century’s major healthcare trends. These obstacles include uncertainty regarding the clinical benefit of regenerative medicine procedures (“RMP’s”), the complex and evolving regulatory landscape, the desire not to be associated with misleading marketing by certain clinicians and industry participants, and challenges faced by the busy clinician in developing and delivering clinically efficient and financially sensible RMP’s.

The foregoing has resulted in an absence of accessible and evidence-based standards for the delivery of RMP’s. RMSNY was formed to address these challenges, and is guided by clinicians and scientists prominent in the field. We are a product-agnostic managed services organization providing leading healthcare practitioners with the tools necessary to deliver RMP’s in an evidence-based, regulatorily-compliant and clinically efficient manner. We stand for meaningful collaboration among, and the financial benefit of, clinicians sharing our belief in the promise of evidence-based regenerative medicine for patient care.

We invite you to consider joining us in our mission, and ask that you respond with interest by completing the above form.

Respectfully yours,

Lisa Fortier, Ph.D., D.V.M.,
Dan A. Grande, Ph.D.,
John G. Kennedy, M.D.

RMSNY Leadership Committee
Regenerative Medicine Services of New York