Treat your Animal as You’d Treat Yourself
Provide state-of-art regenerative therapies for your animal companion.

Animals face many of the same painful, debilitating musculoskeletal injuries that we humans do.  They also have the same stem cells, growth factors and other reparative components. It is when these natural healing mechanisms fail, through age, disease or trauma, that clinical intervention is required.

Traditional Treatments
Treatment standards vary by animal, condition and preference by owner. As with much of human therapy, it is usually intended to target a particular symptom, such as inflammation, without addressing the underlying condition. Costs of therapy, and the remaining lifespan of the animal can also influence choice of care.

Regenerative Treatments
Veterinarians are able to extract stem cells, platelets and other reparative components directly from your animal’s fat, blood or bone. They then concentrate the cell count, without adding any artificial supplements, before re-injecting a dose into the area of need. Unlike a targeted therapy, these cells communicate with the local environment, adapting into requested functions such as inflammation modulation, formation of new blood vessels, and regeneration.  

Equine, Canine, Feline

Degenerative Joint Diseases

Ligament/Tendon Injury

Skin and Tissue Lesions

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