Bone and Joint

Reduce Pain, Restore Function.
Harness your body’s own healing mechanisms to modulate inflammation, reduce pain, and restore function.

Chronic pain, lack of mobility and/or reduced dexterity are all hallmark signs of Bone and Joint disorders, which are estimated to affect as many as one in three people, including children. These symptoms, when not adequately addressed, often beget new concerns such as workplace disability, depression and a myriad of additional health concerns.

Traditional Treatments
Treatment options such as steroids, NSAIDs or painkillers can address symptoms but not the underlying condition, often leading to more advanced symptoms with age. Conversely, joint replacements, prostheses and surgery come with risks and permanent side effects.

Regenerative Treatments
Regenerative therapies offer relief for the many patients suffering from Bone and Joint disorders who are not yet ready for surgery and/or replacements. They harness the body’s innate reparative components, including platelets, growth factors, and adult stem cells, to reduce inflammation, promote new blood vessel growth and regenerate the patient’s own, healthy tissues.





Foot and Ankle

Lower and Upper Back

Hands and Wrists

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