Rehab and Prehab

Support your Body’s Natural Recovery
Reduce recovery times and improve outcomes through cell-assisted pre and post-surgical regimens.

When surgery is the best option, patients must recover from two conditions: the original indication and the surgery itself. Modern medicine has made significant advances in reducing recovery times through minimally invasive techniques and more accurate image guidance. However, preparation leading up to a surgery, and then rest and rehabilitation following remains important for achieving a desired outcome.

Traditional Treatments
Pre-surgical preparation is often limited to dietary recommendations or restrictions, principally to ensure reliability of the applied anesthetic. Post-surgical instructions are more extensive however, including rest followed by tailored rehabilitation programs, often with a professional. These programs introduce modest movements, thereby increasing blood flow in the affected area and helping to restore the local tissues supporting strength, flexibility and/or function.

Regenerative Treatments
By definition, those receiving surgery will be “regenerating” immediately post-operation. Regenerative treatments, whether delivered pre- or post-operatively, helps ensure the affected area has a rich population of stem cells and other reparative components leading to a successful recovery. These treatments are not designed to replace traditional approaches, and are  most effective when used in direct conjunction.


Adjunct surgery


Regenerative Rehabilitation

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