Skin and Tissue

Cosmetic, Metabolism, Vascular
The regeneration of your skin and tissue means far more than beauty and anti-aging.

The protective function of our skin (the body’s largest organ) and the metabolic and support functions of our tissues are essential to virtually all elements of health and wellness.  Whether leading to wrinkles, radiation scars, hair loss, poor vascularization (our blood and lymphatic vessels) or various auto-immune reactions, many diseases and conditions are caused by the failure of our body’s cells properly to repair, regenerate and immunomodulate.

Traditional Treatments
Treatments not based on modern medical science usually address symptoms, and not underlying biological causes, of a disease or condition.  Whether a pill, lotion or injection, they often require limited professional expertise or training on the part of the practitioner.  At best, this typically means short-lived (if not merely illusory) relief. At worst, such “therapies” result in serious adverse consequences.

Regenerative Treatments
The establishment of proper vascularization is essential to positive long-term outcomes in the great majority of skin and tissue-related conditions.  In order to achieve this vascularization, modern medical science recognizes the importance of mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines, growth factors and other micro-biological elements innate to all of us.  RMSNY members have the credentials, education and tools needed to deliver to their patients personalized procedures for skin and tissue conditions based on peer-reviewed medical science.

Cosmetic, Dermatology, Anti-Aging

Wounds and Scars

Fibrosis(including from oncological radiation treatments)

Peripheral Vascular Disease



Pre-and post-surgery revascularization

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